Friday, September 3, 2010

The Confession

I can finally come about the reason I've not been around for so darned long -- I'm pregnant!  I had some complications in the first trimester, which have now thankfully resolved.  That lead to lots and lots of bed rest and then lots and lots of taking it easy.

I've been cleared to have a bit more freedom now that things are going well, but there still won't be much cooking.  There's no lifting of anything heavier than my purse, so that leaves out the food processor, the blender, the dutch oven, and a myriad of other things used to create fantastic meals.  There's also no bending, and that makes it hard to cook, as well.

Now, I'm not complaining here.  I'm absolutely thrilled.  I've never been so happy about anything.  I love this blog though, and I promise that someday I'll be back.  Someday not all that far away even.  Let's say sometime in March!  So stick around, and I'll be back with renewed fervor and lots of yummy vegetarian eats!  (And just for the record, I fully plan on raising a vegetarian baby!)
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